About Us


Brief Overview

The 2nd Ghana Data Summit 2021 (dubbed IndabaX Ghana) is organized by the Data Science Network (a non-profit organization) and Wave-2 Analytics Ltd., a Ghanaian-based analytics startup in partnership with Deep Learning Indaba.

Ghana is undergoing a “Data Science” transformation with hundreds of activities happening nationwide. Those who are new to data science are asking, “how do I get started?” Businesses and governments are asking “how do I deploy Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create value?” Also, schools are grappling with how to incorporate Data Science into their curriculum. The IndabaX Ghana 2021 aims to create an inclusive platform where everyone – students, professors, researchers, businesses, start-ups, and leaders – can connect and enhance capacity in data science and analytics (including data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence).

Objectives of the Ghana Data Science Summit 2021 (IndabaX Ghana)

The Ghana Data Science Summit 2021 aims to accomplish the following:

  • Create awareness of data science and the value it brings to students, researchers, businesses and governments
  • Build capacity of data science professionals and equip them with relevant practical and technical knowledge needed to take full advantage of analytics and machine learning
  • Create a platform where businesses, data science service providers, data science professionals as well as data technology infrastructure providers come together, network and collaborate to solve the most valuable and interesting data science problems for their respective benefits
  • Collaborate with local universities and other academic stakeholders to discuss ways of incorporating modern data science concepts in their curriculum

Meet the team

We are a group of people with the aim of spreading the knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning across Ghana, and Africa as a whole.