IndabaX Ghana

Brief Overview

Following last year’s theme of going beyond the hype of machine learning, and creating tangible value with it in Africa, this year’s conference will take the form of a full day hands-on workshop, a Machine Learning hackathon and a poster presentation session. The goal of the conference this year is to train beginners in Python and Introduction to machine learning while intermediates compete in a machine learning hackathon to solve a practical problem.

Also, IndabaX Ghana is not complete without showcasing the excellent machine learning research happening in our country. At the end of the day, there will be a networking and happy hour session. Come learn, meet and network with seasoned data science, machine learning and AI practitioners across Ghana.


May, 2023 Methodist University College, Ghana.


Official Sponsors and Partners

Why should you support IndabaX Ghana?

Connect: You will meet the key players in Data Science in Ghana to create new networks.

Inspire: Your support will help inspire people from all walks of life who want to work in Data Science.

Lead: Continue leading efforts to promote Data Science through eliminating barriers to education.

Learn: Meet leading experts in Data Science and engage with them to create value for your business.




Methodist University Ghana.