frequently asked questions

The Ghana Data Science Summit 2020 (IndabaX Ghana) is jointly organized by the Data Science Network (DSN) and Deep learning Indaba. The Data Science Network is a team of data science and machine learning researchers and professionals committed to building capacity and promoting research and application of analytics (broadly defined) in Ghana. Similarly, Deep Learning Indaba is an organisation with a mission to Strengthen Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Africa.

Our team is multifaceted and possesses wide-ranging skills and experiences in academia and industry in the areas of data management, business analytics, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Members of our team include professors, researchers (including students), statisticians, and data scientists and engineers (including machine learning engineers), working in several areas such as retail, finance, risk management, economics, health care, agriculture and many more.

This is because the Data Science Network has partnered with Deep Learning Indaba to bring its IndabaX conferences to Ghana. An IndabaX is a locally-organised Indaba (meeting) that helps spread knowledge and build capacity in machine learning, and which is held in countries across Africa. The IndabaX is a means with which to experiment with the ways in which we strengthen African machine learning and its local communities, allowing more people to contribute to the conversation around machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can learn more about Deep Learning Indaba HERE.

The application deadline is April 7th, 2020 at 11:59 pm (GMT). Late applications will not be considered.

All successful applications will be notified via email by 4th May, 2020

Each application will be reviewed on its merit with due consideration given to interest in data science, prior experience, and academic background.

Sorry, we currently do not have the funds to support travel or lodging.

Yes! We welcome all applications from everyone regardless of prior expertise in data science. Each application is unique, so we examine all aspects of each application carefully.

While we encourage everyone interested in data science to apply, we are unable to guarantee a place for each applicant. We will notify all applicants regarding the outcome of their application.

Generally, applicants would only be required to pay a Registration Fee. Note that this fee will be waived for a limited number of selected students. There are no other conference fees.

This depends on how many days you would be in attendance. Please refer to the instructions page of the application form for the fees.

The registration fee is needed to reserve your spot so that we minimize the losses from absenteeism (when people do not show up, others on the waiting list miss their chance to be at our conference), and to provide conference materials such as name tags, conference brochure, certificate of participation, lunch, and water. The registration fee would be paid during the RSVP process for accepted applicants. Note that this fee will be waived for a limited number of selected students.

Please contact us at info@indabaxghana.com We look forward to hearing from you.